1035 17th Street Unit 1, Santa Monica, CA

Starting with an existing falling-down house and a small apartment, the property was remodeled into 4 condominium units-3 with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths.  Two of the units were officially "remodels" and  the other two are infill and new.   The units were built with subterranean private garages by lifting the existing house up and excavating beneath it.   All of the units are unique with their floor plans but they are all related in style. Having them work well together and with the community, was the thrust of this project.

A reverse floorplan (with bedrooms and entry on the 1st floor, living and dining on the second floor) and the selected use of angles, private and public patios, loft decks, all combine to accentuate a "loft'like" environment meant to appeal to theose interested in the arts.  Retaining the front yard, with fruit trees, having entry  patios where neighbors can run into each other and visit, were all meant to link this small community together.

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